First Christian Reformed Church


The Calvinist Cadet Corps, commonly called “Cadets”, is a nondenominational international church sponsored Christian youth program where Christian men work with boys to share their love for Jesus Christ through exploring, merit badges, Bible study, projects, and time together.

Cadets has different programs for different ages. Junior Cadets is for boys in 1st through 3rd grades. RPB (Recruit/Pathfinder/Builder) is for boys in 4th through 6thgrade. Each age group uses age appropriate Bible lessons and materials.

The Goal of Cadeting Luke 2:52 states that "Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men." The goal of the Calvinist Cadet Corps, based upon that verse, is to help boys to grow spiritually in all areas of life (devotional, mental, physical, and social) by providing Christian men with a uniquely designed structure, program, and materials so that they can mentor boys effectively.

Cadets earn badges and attain ranks. Badges can be worked on by cadre or by individual boys. In our club boys earn points based on achievements including attendance, timeliness, wearing uniform, bringing their handbook, bringing their Bible, earning a badge, bringing a friend, earning awards, and ranks. “Cadet of the Month” and “Cadet of the year” are awarded to the Cadet with the most points in a month and year respectively. At the end of the year there is also a Cadet Auction where the Cadets may spend their points, no matter how many, to buy auction items. 

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