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The Power Behind the Prince of Preachers

Charles Hadden Spurgeon lived from 1834 – 1892, and he is considered by many to be the “Prince of Preachers.”  He would preach to thousands of people each week and many came to know Christ as Lord and Savior through his messages.  In 2005, an article in Christianity Today said that “Today—nearly a century after Spurgeon's death—there is more material in print by Charles Haddon Spurgeon than by any other Christian author, living or dead.”

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The Importance of Stories

Do you ever find yourself in a nostalgic mood? As I approach the Advent season, I find it a season where I love to carve time out to reminisce. There is something special about the crackling fire and steam rising from a hot cup of tea or coffee that encourages these thoughts. Why is it that when we want to create community and encourage sharing the first thing we think of is coffee? As my hot beverage is poured, I am reminded that there is something comforting in pouring my feelings into another’s cup.

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Nobody Cares

For the last few weeks I have been fascinated with my face. More so than usual. Whenever I get the chance I’ll gaze on my own reflection, intrigued, confused and sometimes mesmerized. I’m growing a beard.

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To Tell the Truth…or Not

Music has been always been a big part of my life. Both my mom and dad were highly trained and accomplished musicians who were committed to use their gifts to give glory to God. For 45 years my dad served as Director of Worship and Music Ministries at our church which of course hugely impacted my musical formation. One of the many legacies my dad left behind was his dedication to excellence in worship and music.

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