Biblical Counselor Training

Biblical Counselor Training

See links at the bottom for the Biblical Counselor Training Application and the Year 1 Course Schedule. If you know that you are definitely taking the course, email me at and let me know whether you will be choosing Option 1 or Option 2 (see details below) so I can plan accordingly. Option 1 will be limited to 12-15 students. There will be 16 class meetings per year with a two month break in between years. The options for this training course are:

Option 1 (Lay Counselor):

This track is for someone who is interested in serving First Church (or your church) as a general lay biblical counselor and must fill out and submit the biblical counselor training application (this track is a requirement for becoming a certified counselor for First Church).

  • Those who apply and are accepted will be required to do all the homework assignments and the homework will be graded.
  • The tuition for this option is $100 per year ($250 per year for non First Church members). The course is modeled after biblical counseling degree programs that cost over $13,000.
  • This option requires a two-year commitment to serve as a Lay Counselor at First Church (or your church) following the training. You will be assigned up to two counseling cases at a time (more if you desire). This is roughly a minimum 4-hour commitment per week. Some weeks may require no hours depending on the counseling needs of the church.
  • Attendance at 90% of the classes is required; exceptions granted for extenuating circumstances.
  • $25 for a 3-Ring Student Notebook to be collected on the first day of class per year.

If you want to reserve your spot for Option 1, please fill out and turn in the application as soon as possible. Option 1 will be limited to 12-15 people selected from all applications received by Oct. 6th, 2020.

Option 2 (Discipleship):

This track is for someone who is interested in biblical counseling (perhaps a small group leader, Sunday school teacher, elder, deacon, deaconess, discipler, or anyone that desires to help others) but does not have the time to fulfill the Option 1 requirements.

  • You may attend or audit the course and homework is optional. Your homework may or may not be graded depending on the number of people that choose Option 1 and the time available. Please keep in mind that those who do the homework will profit the most from the course for one’s own personal relationship with Christ, for dealing with one’s own life issues and for one’s ministry to others.
  • For Option 2 there is no tuition ($100 per year for non First Church members) and will be limited to the classroom size of 35 people.
  • $25 for a 3-Ring Student Notebook to be collected on the first day of class per year

Note to those taking the course:

Start your reading as soon as possible. Books can be purchased at,, and

For those taking Option 1, I will assume that you will have read the material listed on the assignment schedule prior to our first class meeting on 11/3/2020. There will be a reading statement due on your first class meeting stating what percent of the 11/3/2020 reading assignment you've completed. If you have any questions, please email me at I am looking forward to our time together as we equip ourselves to make disciples, teaching them to observe all that Christ has commanded (Matt. 28:19-20).

David Lee,

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